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A Day In Life of The Managing Director

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Nick is a husband, father of one with another one on the way, and busy Managing Director of matting solutions company Ginger Mats. Ginger Mats Limited is a bespoke door mat company, specialising in the supply of entrance floor mat solutions to both the business and domestic markets. In the matting industry there is no such thing as a typical day, but we can give you a snapshot of what Nick says about an “average” day.

A Day In Life of The Managing Director

7.30: I wake up or am woken up by 13 month year prodding daddy in the head. Morning ablutions followed by breakfast with the wife Jane and baby Victoria. Breakfast for me usually consists of a cup of coffee and two slices of toast with marmite.

08:30: I arrive in the office, another cup of coffee, open the post, scan the diary for the day and look at general workload and allocate jobs, making sure all work is planned for the day, as well as running through any special jobs with the sales team.

09:30: Work on some of the bespoke quotes, the larger more complicated ones. I have mat rental quote to work on for 8 mats on one site, I need to check route availability and the client has asked for black mats which are not standard stock.

10:30: Meeting preparation, if we have a meeting with a new client the following day I like to be prepared with some samples of the products, rough costs, prepare some designs if possible, by doing this I make sure that we make a great first impression.

11.30: Finance, I take time to look over the sales figs for the previous day and look at the sales forecasts, I also look at any big outlays we might have appertaining to big projects so I can do some further planning.

12:00: Check emails and work on some more quotes and speak to a couple of our suppliers about jobs we have on with them.

13:00: Lunch, usually a sandwich and a can of coke, I also check my emails.

13:45 Leave for a meeting with a client, take some calls whilst in the car

14:30: I have a meeting with a school and they require various types of matting on a direct purchase basis. The matting includes, loose lay logo mats and aluminium entrance matting, with the aluminium entrance matting our engineer will always do a final survey, but I like to do a thorough one for myself for quoting purposes, I like to get the quote right first time.

15:30: Back in the car, make a few calls on the way back to the office.

16:15: Quick catch up with the team, and then check emails and start to work on the quote for client I have just seen.

16.45: A customer call comes in to say they have been let down by another supplier can we help, they need 5 logo mats for the following week. I now have to speak someone in production to see if this deadline can be achieved, which it can, if we get sign off by mid-day the following day. I have to arrange with the client to send over their artwork and speak to the studio about doing an express job. There is only a small amount of capacity for emergency jobs and timings are critical.

17.15: Check emails, check social media sites linked to Ginger Mats, and check Google PPC spend.

17.45 End of the working day, shut computer down, turn on answering service, leave note on desk to chase studio first thing for rush job artwork. I aim to be finished so I can be there for Victoria’s bath time and a well-earned cuddle as a rule. On this particular night after Victoria’s bath time I will grab a quick bite to eat before putting another hat on as Assistant County Scout Commissioner for Activities and heading off for a scouting meeting.

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    Fantastic service from start to finish. The custom logo mats are of a high quality and look great in our reception and showroom. Thank you