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Extra long logo mats. Red carpets and runners for your VIP guests. Perfect for long corridors, walkways and large areas.

Make your guests feel like stars as they enjoy the walk across the red carpet, doing all you can to make customers and visitors feel welcome and comfortable will help ensure they return time and time again.

Run-way mats are suitable for many occasions and can be used not only as a red carpet, but also as a door mat or promotional mat. This product can be customised with your bespoke logos and advertising messages for your specific marketing purposes. Incidentally, these mats are not only available in red, but they do look great in red with your logo taking pride of place.

Reduce tripping hazard. Accidents can easily be minimised with the optional adhesive edges at the beginning and at the end of the mat, once applied laying stability is improved and the chance of a slip or trip accident is reduced.

The techie stuff:

  • Available: Made to measure up to 10m long
  • Construction: 100% high-twist-nylon
  • Backing: 100% rubber backing
  • Cleaning: Carpet cleaner
  • Guarantee: 2 Year standard guarantee against manufacturing defects

Great for:

  • Custom designed runner
  • Corporate Identity
  • Image impact
  • Brand Awareness
  • Events & ceremonies
  • Offices / Shops/ High Street Stores & Public Building entrances
  • A professional first impression

Prices vary depending on size and logo. Complete the form and we will send you a quotation for your mat.