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Ginger Mats Beating The Recession

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Ginger Mats’ achievements in these turbulent economic times have been acknowledged in the local press, which reported that GMats was “Wiping its feet on the opposition”. If you’re an avid follower of this blog, you will already know some of the company history, so we will keep it brief. Ginger Mats was launched by myself, Nick Coward, in 2010, selling logo and entrance mats, along with a range of industrial and leisure matting. After gaining experience in management in the mat industry I spotted the opportunity and went for it, despite Britain being deep into a recession. I beat all the odds and built a successful company over the last three years. There is an exciting future ahead for GMats, and whenever I get talking about business, I always get asked the same two questions.

Ginger Mats Beating The Recession

Q1: Were The First 3 Years Difficult?

The first year of trading as Ginger Mats was very enjoyable, but the least profitable. Starting a new business was a steep learning curve and, despite my knowledge of the industry, I had a lot to learn about the legalities of setting up a business, website development and online marketing.

My decision to move away from the conventional telephone sales and direct mailing to invest in Google Ads was a difficult one. However, my concerns were soon put to rest when I found the right Google PPC Management Company. Working in partnership with them I was soon generating enough sales to reinvest in the business to drive it forward.

As business increased I found myself working long hours to keep up with demand so to retain high levels of customer service I decided to take on a member of staff. Finding the right person is really important, especially with a small business, and, in my case, I was very lucky. I have a very proactive team who want the business to succeed as much as I do.

Over the last two years the business has gone from strength to strength. We have built up good relationships with partners and suppliers and have earned a reputation for providing excellent customer service. We now get a lot of repeat orders from our clients and many of our new clients come to us from recommendations.

Q2: What Are The Plans & Hopes For The Future?

Looking to the future I hope to continue growing Ginger Mats, which will inevitably lead to employing more staff. We will also be looking to move premises to incorporate the office and warehouse facilities all under one roof, which are at different sites at present.

We are also always looking for products to enhance and compliment the business and have recently incorporated some products from the hygiene industry and washroom supplies, adding hand dryers to our portfolio of products.

We are currently looking at a joint venture with another mat rental company with the possibilities of having a Midlands-based mat laundry service. This, however, will be a few years down the line.

Having spent the last three years building the business up I now feel I have the correct calibre of staff and infrastructure to take a much needed break from the business and I look forward to enjoying a holiday with the family next year.

I hope people can take inspiration from what I have been able to achieve with a business when all the statistics said I wouldn’t be able to succeed, especially during a triple-dip recession.

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    We employed Ginger Mats to produce logo floor mats for one of our accounts over a year ago and were delighted with the outcome. They are located in extremely high footfall areas across the UK, however the quality has proved remarkable and we would be happy to use and recommend Ginger mats going forward. They not only provide exceptional service and quality but are a pleasure to deal with.