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Hand Dryers are the economical choice for businesses

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Hand Dryers are the economical choice for Businesses and in the current climate of well, worrying about the climate, the pressure to turn your business ‘Green’ and more economical has never been so great. Whether you believe in climate change or not, as an ethical business owner, it certainly helps to be seen to be doing your bit in the struggle against global warming.

The dilemma many businesses face is a simple one Hand dryer VS Paper towels.


In the past, the debate has been closely run. Conventional heaters of the past used a great deal of electricity; they had inefficient motors and largely inefficient heating elements. In short, they made a big deal out of drying your hands and were pretty unfriendly to the environment as they went about it. The case paper towels made against these conventional hand dryers was strong, although the use of paper towels does not require electricity; the production process does produce a large amount of carbon emissions. When you factor in deforestation, the manufacture and transportation of paper towels they do not stand out as the most environmentally friendly options. Although, credit where credits due, paper towels did seem to be the most economic option.

Thankfully, technology has come an incredibly long way. Hand dryers have never been so powerful, energy efficient and reliable. Using high speed motors to produce incredible airflow, hand dryers now achieve an impressive energy saving over older models. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in a 2011 study places this saving at around the staggering 70% mark. It is believed the 70% figure also is true against paper towels.

The Ginger Mats range of Hand dryers are flagship models for this new breed of hand dryer. They are all ECO friendly and high powered. These dryers are not just geared around drying your hands quickly and efficiently, they also deliver savings through cutting running costs and increasing reliability. With 4 models available, including hand in dryers, Ginger Mats is guaranteed to provide your hand drying solution. We give you the lowdown on each model.

Eco G1 Hand Dryer

This model is one of the most eco-friendly and quickest hand dryers on the market and is available in two finishes, polish stainless steel and white enamel. The Key features of the model are;

  • 10-12 second drying time
  • Blue LED for hand drying Range
  • Powerful operation
  • Adjustable output setting (1.6kW to 1.2kW)

ECO G2 Hand Dryer

This automatic dryer is probably one of the smallest, most efficient and quickest hand dryers on the market. This model is available in both polished stainless steel and white powder coating. The Key features of the model are;

  • 10-12 second drying time
  • Low energy usage
  • Powerful operation
  • A 75% saving on energy to compared to a traditional dryer

Veltia- Hands in Dryer

This great looking, innovative high speed system allows you to try your hands in only 12-15 seconds. The water removed from your hands is drained into the dryer, ensuring that your toilet/bathroom is kept clean. Thanks to its rapid operation, this dryer saves up to 85% of power consumption. This dryer is available in white and chrome.

EGO G4 Hands in Dryer

This really is the latest in hand in dryers. The G4 is at the cutting edge of technology. The G4 uses patented triple action air flow, LED lighting, anti-bacteria protection and slim line design. Throughout the design process, it is obvious that user experience was at the forefront of the designers minds. The G4 will dry your hands in a mere 10 seconds, with a vertical opening allowing easy user access, the slim line design is as cost effective as it is efficient.. Very!

Our conclusion is that modern Hand Dryers are the economical choice for Businesses, for a quote call 01773 852 335 or email

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    We moved to Ginger Mats from our previous supplier in 2012, and have nothing but praise for the product and the customer service. The quality of our entrance mat is to the same standard as before, and when we have had an issue, this has been resolved very quickly and to our complete satisfaction. All this at a fraction of the cost of our previous supplier.