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Keep it unique with Ginger Mats

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Here at Ginger Mats, we understand the pride you have in your business. We understand how good it feels to own or be part of something you believe in and are proud to be a part of. The perfect way to showcase this pride is with a bespoke logo mat, purchasing one should be an easy decision. Not only do these floor mats showcase your pride in your business, they can also become an important part of your interior design, drawing attention to what is most important- Your business and brand.

Keep it unique with Ginger Mats

There are very little limitations to what your logo mat can have on it and colour schemes available are incredibly extensive. Your mats aren’t just limited to your company logo either; why not use Ginger Mats to provide you with a promotional mat? These attention grabbing mats will really showcase what you are proud to stock & sell. Ginger Mats has created promotional mats for ‘Rab’ ‘Easy Hotels and’ ‘Betta Living Kitchens and Bathrooms’ These mats are available for outdoors as well as indoors. These outdoor mats are made from 50% recycled rubber are hard wearing and virtually maintenance free.

Speaking of the great outdoors… Is your business out in the open? Or do you simply want to advertise outdoors, maybe at the local football club or golf club? Ginger Mats range of logo astro turf mats when used outdoors, these mats really grabs people attention. The pile in the Ginger Mats graphic turf mats is made from you guessed it 100% Nylon, complete with a styrol-butadien-latex backing which makes these mats perfectly suited to outdoor use. Ginger Mats are able to print logos or words onto the specially designed turf up to an impressive two metres wide by twenty metres long and using up to 15 colours and white.

The indoor range is available in three different materials – Velour, Magic and Supra which all have their own qualities. Velour mats are made from 100% Nylon with a rubber vinyl backing. The short pile in these mats allows greater definition and detail to any images or logos applied. The second option- Magic mats are again 100% Nylon but have a rubber vinyl backing, making them a cheaper option to the Velour. These Magic mats are however, still fantastic at catching dirt and moisture from feet! Super Mats are 100% nylon with 100% natural latex backing; these mats also have over locking borders- making them non slip. The minimum order for these mats is 100, you can choose up to 8 colours per mat and these mats make a great cheap alternative to other types.

For a quotation for any types of matting call 01773 852 335 or alternatively email

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    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the superb service that both yourself and Ginger Mats provide, I would not hesitate in recommending this company and would encourage others to consider the excellent management and service that the company has to offer.