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New Faces at Ginger Mats

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There has been some new and exciting changes at Ginger Mats, in December 2014 we saw the direct purchase division of Ginger Mats be taken over by Kleen-Tex Industries Ltd, one of leading mat manufacturers in the world.

In January 2015 Nick Coward founder and MD of Ginger Mats left to join Kleen-Tex to head up their new Commercial and Industrial Division.

Jane Pritchard now heads up the team at Ginger Mats which is now focusing on its core business as a Mat Rental Service Provider. Jane has said she will continue to provide the high level of service that was driven under Nicks reign, ensuring both high service standards on the ground and with the customer service team in the office.

Jane says Ginger Mats will remain an independent company and she will continue to grow and develop Ginger Mats in this highly competitive market. Ginger Mats will still offer excellent levels of customer service and its 1 year no nonsense contracts.

These are exciting times for Ginger Mats, watch this space…

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    We moved to Ginger Mats from our previous supplier in 2012, and have nothing but praise for the product and the customer service. The quality of our entrance mat is to the same standard as before, and when we have had an issue, this has been resolved very quickly and to our complete satisfaction. All this at a fraction of the cost of our previous supplier.