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Personal Injury Claim Prevention for Businesses

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We are all familiar with the Personal Injury advertisements played to us during monotonous advert breaks, but do we really think of the implications of these claims? Not only that, do we consider the lengths that both lawyers and the injured party will go to, in order to secure a claim and drag a company’s name through the dirt?


The “Blame and Claim” or “Sue Sue Sue” culture that is prevalent in America is rapidly spreading throughout the UK. Our friends from across the pond started this craze, but they have many eager legal helpers here to make accident claims as profitable as they can.

One of the most infamously ridiculous law suits against a company that we’ve all heard about, is that of Stella Liebeck:

We all know the disappointment of leaving a steaming cup of coffee to cool for too long, and ending up rather unappetising lukewarm beverage. You might complain if you were served a coffee at room temperature but in 1994, Stella Liebeck successfully sued McDonalds because she burnt herself on her coffee when, after placing it between her legs to keep steady, it spilled out as she was driving away from the car park. She won the case because her cup of coffee was too hot, and she wasn’t told so. This may sound ludicrous; it’s supposed to be hot, just not kept between your legs while you’re driving. Although Stella suffered terrible third degree burns to her legs, the courts found that it was McDonald’s fault for not providing sufficient warning, and not the fault of Ms Liebeck for not stabalising the cup correctly. But because of this case, and to prevent future injuries, McDonalds introduced warnings on every cup of coffee and posters in their restaurants.

This “Blame and Claim” culture is illustrated perfectly by a character in the popular US cartoon sitcom King of the Hill; Elroy Kleinschmidt, known just as “Lucky”, earned his nickname for an obvious reason. He claims to be a self-made man but not through any business success. He lives on the remainder of the $53,000 settlement he received after slipping on the floor of his local supermarket. When his funds dwindled, Lucky got another $53,000 settlement in similar circumstances!

Of course, most accidents are genuine, and the vast majority of claims are by no means frivolous, and we sympathise with anyone genuinely injured by slipping or falling on wet floors. By investing in high quality floor and door mats, you will help protect yourself from all of these scenarios. Mats placed prominently, correctly and effectively at the entrance to your business will prevent excess rain water being carried in on foot. Ginger Mats helps you to eliminate slipping hazards and potentially painful legal bills for your business.

Some law firms are beginning to concentrate solely on slip and fall injuries which have taken place as a result of negligence; so lucrative is the field of personal injury now. As a business owner, you are responsible for the upkeep and safe working conditions on your premises at all times. To see how GMats Matting works click here.

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