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Staff Well-Being with Anti-Fatigue Mats make your workplace a better place to be

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Do you care about staff well-being, do you have members of staff who stand for long periods of time at their work stations or have prolonged periods of time sitting in one position at a desk, then you should consider having them stand on an Anti-Fatigue Mat.

Recent research suggests that prolonged sitting is now linked to the following illnesses Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease. For those jobs that do involve long periods of sitting it is advised that an individual gets up and moves about every 30 minutes.

Clearly having people wandering around the office is not a workable solution, this is where Anti-Fatigue mats come in. It is very common place in Scandinavian countries that most office desks are now height adjustable, this allows the individual to simply stand up at their desk and standing on an Anti-Fatigue mats makes the whole experience much better.

Kleen-Komfort Soft Anti-Fatigue Mat

Kleen-Komfort Soft Anti-Fatigue Mat

There is also research to suggest that using Anti Fatigue mats where people stand or long periods of time cuts down on the number of sickness days. Anti-Fatigue mats in these cases can help with muscular aches, joint pain and headaches.

Companies now are encouraged to have a “Well-Being” policy, well-being at work is important and using Anti-Fatigue Mats is just one simple and relatively cheap solution. Ginger Mats offers a wide selection of mats for almost every work place application.

Anti Fatigue wet area mat

Kleen-Thru Plus Anti-Fatigue Mat

Why not try an Anti-Fatigue and see what you think, even just standing on a mat for 5 minutes and comparing it to standing on no mat for 5 Minute you will see a difference.

Remember Anti-Fatigue mat are designed to reduce stress exerted on muscles and joints and provide welcome relief and increased productivity for employees.

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    Fantastic service from start to finish. The custom logo mats are of a high quality and look great in our reception and showroom. Thank you