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Switching Mat Rental Companies For a Better Service

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Switching Mat Rental Companies For a Better Service is a good thing for Ginger Mats, it was reported in the press that Ginger Mats were ‘Wiping feet on the opposition’.

To be honest, after receiving feedback from our customers & clients regarding their previous mat rental companies, it isn’t difficult to see why. More and more businesses are switching mat rental companies for their mat rental requirements to Ginger Mats after receiving a poor standard of service with other mat rental providers.

Here are some of the comments we have received about their experiences with other companies operating in the industry, general poor service, mat Rental company is difficult to get in touch with, mats delivered are often damaged, delivery of mats unpredictable and irregular, delivery drivers constantly changing, mats delivered dirty, chewing gum on mats, late mat collection, wrong mats delivered, incorrect billing & overcharging.

A poor mat rental provider isn’t just a pain in the neck, a dirty mat or a dirty office can seriously damage how your business is perceived by clients and customers. Not to mention an obvious lack of organisation on this front can affect people’s trust in your business.

Switching Mat Rental Companies

Switching mat rental companies For a better service isn’t difficult to do, so why switch to Ginger Mats? How are we different from all the other mat rental companies?

At Ginger Mats we guarantee to provide a convenient mat rental service, with a choice of either fortnightly or monthly pickup. We have a choice of 1 year and 3 year contracts depending on your requirements.

Ginger Mats ensures you have a clean mat, which improves mat performance. To ensure this, the mats are cleaned a state of the art cleaning facility and inspected regularly for damage.

When you choose Ginger Mats, you won’t be having an unfamiliar driver each time your mat is delivered and picked up either. You’re dedicated, delivery driver is CRB checked, wears a uniform and will keep to an agreed delivery schedule. Most importantly, your bills will be punctual and accurate.

Ginger Mats leaves you fully in the know, as you should be.

Don’t just take our word for it either… here are a couple of our testimonials.

  • Nigel at Holmes Chapel School, says ‘Fantastic service can’t fault the team at Ginger Mats’
  • Steve Pritchard from ATOS , says ‘Ginger Mats provide an excellent service, with a wide product range of entrance mats to suit all’

What are you waiting for don’t delay in switching your mat rental companies, call Ginger Mats on 01773 852 335 or email for a mat rental quotation.

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    We moved to Ginger Mats from our previous supplier in 2012, and have nothing but praise for the product and the customer service. The quality of our entrance mat is to the same standard as before, and when we have had an issue, this has been resolved very quickly and to our complete satisfaction. All this at a fraction of the cost of our previous supplier.