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The Best Type of Coir Logo Mat

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Coir or coconut logo mats can be made in two different ways, graphic inlay or surface printed.

The coir logo mats made by Ginger Mats are all hand made using the highest quality material and manufactured by using the graphic inlay process. The Coir matting is pvc backed which allows the material to be cut to any shape or design without fraying.

The Best Type of Coir Logo Mat

This form of manufacture involves physically cutting out the shapes, letters and designs from the reverse of the material and then replaced with the appropriate coloured material. The logos are secured in place before the reverse is then sealed with a special backing process.

Coir fibre is naturally hydroscopic, breathing in and giving out atmospheric moisture, thus helping to maintain a balanced humidity inside the building.

The Coir logo mats made by Ginger Mats are not top surface printed as this form of production wears off after a short period of use. These top surface printed mats are often cheap and the life span of the mat with the logo is significantly shorter than that of a graphic inlay mat.

Coir logo mats are highly absorbent, hard wearing, anti-static and create a visually stunning and professional entrance to any business or home. Using a graphic in lay coir logo mat protects the floor space and also keeps the corporate image intact at the same time.

Coir matting still remains the most economical and practical material on the market today. Remember if you buy a coir logo mat from Ginger Mats your logo wears evenly with the wear of the mat thus maintaining your brand image at all times.

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    We moved to Ginger Mats from our previous supplier in 2012, and have nothing but praise for the product and the customer service. The quality of our entrance mat is to the same standard as before, and when we have had an issue, this has been resolved very quickly and to our complete satisfaction. All this at a fraction of the cost of our previous supplier.