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The Science

The Facts

Entrance mats are there to remove dirt and moisture transferred from foot fall to your property.

70% of dirt entering a building is brought in by foot and wheel traffic (BCTC-CAMRASO statistic).

Mats are 94% efficient for stopping foot dirt entering a building (BCTC-CAMRASO statistic).

Ideally you need three types of mat, one after the other, these are called Primary matting, Secondary matting & Tertiary Matting.

Primary Mat

To remove rough dirt and grit

Secondary Mat

To capture dirt and moisture

Tertiary Mat

To capture moisture


  • A saving on cleaning bills
  • Prevents wear and tear on surfaces
  • Improves front of house presentation
  • Helps prevents slips and trips in wet weather
  • Logo Mats add corporate identity and brand placement
  • A 24 Hour Janitor

Mat Laundry Process


    Fantastic service from start to finish. The custom logo mats are of a high quality and look great in our reception and showroom. Thank you