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The Science

The Facts

Entrance mats are there to remove dirt and moisture transferred from foot fall to your property.

70% of dirt entering a building is brought in by foot and wheel traffic (BCTC-CAMRASO statistic).

Mats are 94% efficient for stopping foot dirt entering a building (BCTC-CAMRASO statistic).

Ideally you need three types of mat, one after the other, these are called Primary matting, Secondary matting & Tertiary Matting.

Primary Mat

To remove rough dirt and grit

Secondary Mat

To capture dirt and moisture

Tertiary Mat

To capture moisture


  • A saving on cleaning bills
  • Prevents wear and tear on surfaces
  • Improves front of house presentation
  • Helps prevents slips and trips in wet weather
  • Logo Mats add corporate identity and brand placement
  • A 24 Hour Janitor

Mat Laundry Process


    We moved to Ginger Mats from our previous supplier in 2012, and have nothing but praise for the product and the customer service. The quality of our entrance mat is to the same standard as before, and when we have had an issue, this has been resolved very quickly and to our complete satisfaction. All this at a fraction of the cost of our previous supplier.