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Twitter – What does your electronic persona say about you?

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At Ginger Mats we use Twitter to post about new products, events, topical news, etc, and also follow big brand manufacturer news, local news etc.

We recently decided to have a look and see who else we could follow who might be relevant or interesting, so we typed in the word “Ginger” as it is highly relevant to our company. The first few responses that came up were very random, here is a taste… Hot Nude Redheads @RateMyGinger, Ginger Problems @GingerProblems (We make threads for gingers and ginger lovers) , whilst these were “interesting enough” as you went on down the page this theme continued, but what surprised us were the personal tweets/tweeters. The personal tweeters in just this search alone were varied, but what was interesting was is really how people choose to be represented electronically. Some of the Tweeter statements about themselves are pretty far out there.

Electronic finger prints last a long time and these days a lot of big companies will scan the internet, including Facebook and twitter, looking for information about potential candidates. These Tweeters/Face Bookers potentially are making decisions now on how the world should perceive them that could affect their lives further down the line. Let’s face it what seems radical at 20 is embarrassing and potentially damaging in your 30’s, when you have a career, mortgage and family to think of.

Equally, did we here at the Ginger Mats HQ think these inappropriate tweeters appropriate for us to “follow”, clearly not. As followers we also have responsibility to manage what we follow so that our electronic image is protected too.

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