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Why ReBrand

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Since launching our new website and corporate image, we have had a few of our clients asking why?

New Logo

There are many reasons for rebranding a company in fact there are actually a multitude of reasons why a business might initiate a rebranding exercise, but no matter what the reasons are, those reasons can always be categorized as either proactive or reactive.

In the case of Ginger Mats rebranding it was a proactive choice, since the company was established in 2010 there have been many product and service changes, which have not been reflected in the company’s overall image.

Our client base ranges from Creative/marketing Agencies, Hygiene companies, Schools, businesses, to domestic users, our website did not reflect this broad range of clients neither did our online presence.

There was also a small identity issue, the company name is Ginger Mats Limited but the logo, email and website names were all GMats, we wanted to secure our name in the market place and avoid any confusion, hence all the new branding, website and emails are all now Ginger Mats.

We also wanted to inject a more interesting fun in image into our social media sites such as FaceBook and Pinterest, this has been subtly achieved as you can see if you visit these sites.

This new look Ginger Mats has given the company a fresh and clear image in the market place, with our new website we hope this will give our clients a pleasant browsing experience, allowing them a broad choice of products but without over powering them with useless information and out of date images.

This rebranding will help to take the Ginger Mats forward as the company grows both in size and market presence.

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    We employed Ginger Mats to produce logo floor mats for one of our accounts over a year ago and were delighted with the outcome. They are located in extremely high footfall areas across the UK, however the quality has proved remarkable and we would be happy to use and recommend Ginger mats going forward. They not only provide exceptional service and quality but are a pleasure to deal with.